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Hi, I'm Sivan.  I've been practicing yoga for over ten years and teaching professionally since 2015. 
Yoga has taken me on an amazing journey of self-discovery and it's become my passion to share the skills and disciplines I have learned along the way.
I strongly believe that yoga is for everybody - regardless of their age, gender, shape, or size.

Having been introduced to yoga in Rishikesh, it's been a constant companion on my travels ever since. What has started as some sort of "sport" became a big light in my spiritual journey, brightening every layer of my life, changed my lifestyle, the way I move, breathe and think.
My practice is an infusion of the different styles that have crossed my path. For many years I have been practicing Iyengar inspired styles. In the past few years, I enjoy traditional Ashtanga and Yin yoga. My teaching is combined with all the pearls of wisdom I've collected from my various teachers throughout the years. 
and have enjoyed teaching students in India, UK, Spain, and Israel.

I teach at my home studio in beautiful Rishpon (10 min, from Hertzelia, 20 from TLV)
In addition, I teach private clients,  and in different locations in Tel Aviv / Sharon area

Join me at the Magical Journey Inwards.


 I gained my teaching qualifications with
Alpesh Pawatri, Alpesh yoga center  (India - 200h)
Ashtanga - Vinyasa with Shani Sharon, OmYoga (Israel - 250h)
Yin Yoga with Noga Weiss Hariyanto, Noga Yoga (Israel - 80h)
Former  500h YTTC assistant of Shani Sharon.
Former YTTC assistant of Eyal Chahnovski (Vinyasa).
Reflexology student.
I keep exploring consciousness and spiritual path, through the wisdom of the
Human Design and Genetic keys as well as the depth of Yoga philosophy.  


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8/5/21 11:30-14:30

Ha'Merkaz Yoga studio TLV

I’m excited to invite you to meet yourself through the meditative practice of YIN Yoga - a practice that is all about relaxing  and giving in, into the depths of body and mind 


The name comes from the yin and yang of the Chinese tradition,

where the YANG represents movement, fire, action, power, heat.

YIN, on the other hand, represents calm, serenity, coolness, relaxation and devotion. ☯️

Why should we practice YIN

Life in this times is fast, full of information, from the moment we open our eyes to the moment we go to bed. We always on the run and feel that it is never enough. 

Ads, screens, chores, jobs, money, epidemics, governments, worries. this is way too much!

Our nervous system always on alert, our mind is always focused on the next thing.

This lifestyle causes us major stress - an ongoing state of anxiety, which is the real epidemic of modern life in the digital age.

In the upcoming workshop, I invite you to stop. observe. Listen to the wisdom of the body, give in to the present moment

Through practice we will reach the deep tissues of the body and mind, we will cleanse our emotional and physical stagnation that have accumulated throughout the years, we will create soil and a place to renew and grow.



Journey to the heart in between the two edges 

I am excited to invite you to join a beautiful group of diverse and open-hearted people on a journey inward. 

We will be exploring and experiencing the balance between the two sides of our being.

We will be practicing the pure form of "yang" - the intelligent Ashtanga-Vinyasa sequence. An energetic and meditative practice that gives rise to our inner fire. To balance this yang energy, we will be practicing Yin Yoga. A practice that leads us softly within ourself, teaches us to be receptive, still, and serene. In between these two extremes, we will seek our center, our ground zero.

This weekend is a chance to come together after feeling a deep longing for human contact during a year of social distancing. Creating together a space of healing and love.
we will be staying in Tobiana studio resort in Ezuz in the deep south of Israel  - click to take a look 


morning and evening Yoga - Ashtanga and Yin

Meditation and Pranayama 

Dharma talk - yoga on and off the mat

healthy & fresh food by the Chef Adi Motil
check her on Instagram

human connection

Silence and the powerful beauty of the desert



During lockdowns you are most welcome to join live classes on the Zoom app  - ask me when via chat


Sivan is a great teacher. She comes to my home to give private lessons and is very sweet, knowledgeable, and intuitive. I have had now three lessons with her and I always feel more relaxed, more flexible, and stronger after each lesson. Without me telling her she was able to immediately pick-up on where and what parts of my body I am not flexible or hyperflexible, along with understanding how to help me correct certain positions and postures.

I've had a group and private yoga lessons all over the world and I would say she is in the upper echelon of teachers. Unlike many other yoga teachers, she focuses on and integrates good breathing and meditation techniques while maintaining the correct poses. She has a good yoga and anatomic vocabulary - whether it be in Hebrew, English, or Sanskrit. I recommend Sivan without hesitation.

Maya Benami 

Sivan is a talented, thoughtful, and powerful yoga instructor. I took a private class with Sivan and 2 other students who were all at different levels and all had unique needs. Sivan guided us through a great flow that challenged each of us in our own way and made adjustments along the way. I realized that for years there was something I should have been doing differently, but never got the proper attention in a large class! Thanks for helping to improve my yoga practice Sivan! I highly recommend a private and/or group lesson with Sivan!!!

Adina Tenby

We were very lucky to have Sivan summer of 2015 to teach our guests and staff as part of a healthy living retreat. 
Sivan is a sweet, vibrant, full of good energy and a big smile. She is a dedicated and knowledgeable yoga teacher, being able to create a class for all levels, ages, and physical ability, focusing on correct alignment and breathing techniques.
After seeing our happy guests and feeling the change on our own bodies and mind we are happy to recommend her services to anyone. Can't wait to have her back for the next season 🙂

💗 Sella and EcoTara team

Sella Arrocha


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